Feedback – Online exChange Days 2022

The days we spent together during our online encounter were very important to our partnership, to our students and to all of us. In the absence of physical encounter due to Covid 19, this was a great way to interact and  learn from each other. To champion enviromental conservation as one team.

It made us feel how technology brings us close to each other despite the physical distance and that the planet  is our home and we all have a collective responsibility to protect it and promote its conservation.
I believe students from both sides enjoyed learning new words in different languages and new plants and how this trees conserve the soil and the enviroment.
The interviews also were important to help us learn different ways of conserving the enviroment in different realities.
This was a great initiative and the efforts from all of us who took part in organizing this encounter was commendable.
(teacher at Gituru Secondary School, leader of the German Club)