Friends of Kinangop Plateau

What is the year of founding?



Number of members



Please name persons in charge

Samuel Bakari and Dominic Kimani


What are the aims of the FoKP?

Friends of Kinangop Plateau aims to empower local members to take part in the conservation of environment including the unique highland grasslands and the Aberdare Mountains. FoKP realizes that poverty and ignorance are key drivers of environmenatal degardation thus poverty eradication, environmental and education awareness are proority objectives.


Give us a short introduction of branch „Murungaru – SLC conservation“

Sharpe’s Longclaw is endemic to Kenya and due to loss of highland natural grasslands, it is listed as globally endengered under the IUCN Redlist. FoKP have initiated various conservation actions including awarenes, monitoring and working with local sheep breeders to support retention if grasslands. In addition, BirdLife International, through Nature Kenya have acquired 4 nature reserves. A resource centre is built at one of the nature reserves and serves as an environment education centre.


Give us a short introduction of branch „Woolcrafters Workshop“ and the idea behind it

Kinangop Highland Grasslands are internationally recognized as Important Bird Area and Key Biodiversity area. A cooperative society, the Njabini Wool Crafters was started in 2004 and registered in 2012 to support the tradional sheep breeding and grazing. NWC is working with the local sheep breeders to help retain natural grasslands. In addition, NWC provides empowerment opportunities for the local youths.


Give us a short introduction of branch „bee keeping“

Friends of Kinangop Plateau runs beeking project as one of the alternative income generating opportunity for local farmers in Kinangop. Bees also support the local farmers through ecological services including pollination


Give us a short introduction of the cooperation with schools

FoKP supports environment education at school in realization of the need to mentor young environmental ambossadors. For a long time, FoKP have been working with environment and wildlife clubs of local schools. Over the years, over 5,000 students have been reached in the environment education programmes in over 30 primary and secondary schools


Which experiences did you gain through PAB-FoKP-exchange?

The PAB-FoKP Exchange have been very helpful in strenthening FoKP’s capacity to organize and excute programs. The exchange have also broadened the cultural view by FoKP members and there is increased appreciation of human as one race irrespectiful of color, race, wealth and education. We are all one.

Are there any additional points you want to mention?

Over 15,000 indeginous tree seedlings have been planted in the Aberdare Mountains, a major water tower in Kenya that is a source of water that supports millions Kenyans

Dominic Kimani Kamau

Bakari Samuel Nganga