Online exChange Days – Day 3 (with Video)

From January 25th to January 27th the Gituru Secondary School (Kenya) and PAB-Gesamtschule (Germany) had their Online-exChange-Days.
We talked about the importance of trees, planted trees in Borgholzhausen, visited a tree nursery in Kinangop and discussed what everybody of us can do to avoid climate change.

The video is about the video meetings on the third day.

Day 3:

On the last day we tried to go into detail and to think about what everybody of us can do to avoid climate change.

The morning started with the short movie „Tomorrow“ (you can watch it here:

We discussed about different points that were mentioned in the movie and thought about concret examples in our daily lives. Everybody got an online survey with 25 different statements to evaluate. In the afternoon we compared the results of the German and the Kenyan students. In smaller groups we presented ideas of bringing the trend of climate change into an other direction and presented the activities we have had on the second day in each group. It’s our planet and everybody is part of its development. We can choose. But as Frankie the Dinosaur says in a video: Don’t choose extinction! (