Online exChange Days – Day 1 (with Video)

From January 25th to January 27th the Gituru Secondary School (Kenya) and PAB-Gesamtschule (Germany) had their Online-exChange-Days.
We talked about the importance of trees, planted trees in Borgholzhausen, visited a tree nursery in Kinangop and discussed what everybody of us can do to avoid climate change.

The video is about the video meetings on the first day.

Day 1:

While the german students met in the Mediothek in Werther, the kenyan students went to Elsamere close to Lake Naivasha to prepare for the video calls. On Tuesday we started with some Energizers to get to know eachother. Everybody was excited and we hoped that the internet will do its job. In the first meeting we recognized that the activities we do in our free time after school are very similar. You can watch it in the video. But in our online meetings we wanted to talk about conservation. So on the first day we had some creative workshops about the importnace of trees. After collecting different aspects together on the online-whiteboard „Miro“, we prepared these aspects in smaller group for a presentation. Some students wrote a poem, some collected leaves, some made a painting… At the end we learned some kishuaheli and german words about our topic „conservation“.