Schülervertretung (Student representative meeting)

Our school does not only get managed by our principal and heads of departments, but also by the students. We have something called Schülervertreter Sitzung (Student representative meeting) Where our class representees (a girl and a boy for every class) come together to talk about current matters or problems with the other class representees and two by that meeting elected teachers that direct the conversation, that they tell their classes about in a special lesson for problem discussion, current affairs and such matters the Klassenstunde (class lesson) afterwards.

These meetings are usually  in our canteen. (This is a meeting of different parents, but the SV meetings look very similar. Just imagine it without the parents and more students).

In that meeting They can also address problems themselves so that they can get solved or carried on to the next meeting with the council, parent representees etc. in the future.

From class 9 upwards you can also get voted to be a student representee (we usually have two or three) they usually get voted for one year.

Or you could also get voted to be a member in the before mentioned council consisting of teachers, parent and student representatives and the school principal. Student representees and members this council have an even bigger role in our school management. They are representees for all students in that council and they can really influence our school since the ratio of. Just to give you a few examples, they discuss about things like handy usement, new climbing frames or environmental protection.

My question would be do you also have a similar system?

Or other ways that you can involve yourself in your school management?


written by Marius