Sports in Germany

In Germany many teenagers have a hobby that he or she does after school, therefore we have a lot to offer in that aspect. Since we have very different seasons, and the weather can be very bad during fall and winter we also have lots of Gyms. You find one at pretty much every school in Germany.

This is the one at our school. As you can see, there is a wide range of equipment ranging from football goals to basketball hoops. Maybe you even saw the wall made from wood with coloured dots on it. That thing is a climbing wall that gets used by one of our school clubs.

So, as you can see, this is a really large gym. Obviously not all German schools have the same budget, that’s the reason why the sizes of German Gyms can very and not every school has such big a gym.

These gyms do not only get used by the schools that own them but also by independent sport clubs that rent the gyms for specific times, so that they have a place to do their program.

To give you a slight overview of the German sport offers; sports that you could do in Germany are for example: Martial arts, athletics, swimming, different team sports like soccer, handball, or basketball but there are also some more uncommon sports like horse-riding, vaulting (gymnastics on a horse) or gymnastics and many more.

 This is the entry of our gym on the left side you can see the changing rooms.

This is the local swimmingpool in the city I live in (Versmold). Since you can´t swim outside in winter or fall in germany, we also have indoor swimmingpools, many citys with 20.000 citizens or more (sometimes even less) have an indoor or outdoor swimmingpool. But that is also something that strongly depends on the budget of the city, and since Nordrhein Westfalen, the federal state I live in, is one of the richest in Germany, we are lucky to have that luxury. (But in generall, Germany is still a strong economic county)

This is a riding arena. It´s not only good for fall and winter where it would be possible to ride your horse outside, but also really uncomfortable for you and your horse. It also functions as a saver way of training because of the sand, that stops impacts really well and it protects that sand from getting wet and making it uncomfortable to fall in.


written by Marius