Tree planting in Borgholzhausen

The kisuahelian word „Harambee“ means „all together!“ or you could translate it in german somehow like „mit vereinten Kräften“ or „Hauruck!“.

In recent years we have had our tree plantings in the Aberdare Mountains where students of Gituru and PAB helped in reforestation.

This year, in times of Corona, when physical encounters are not possible the Friends of Kinangop, Gituru Sec. School and PAB school are working together also: Last Saturday students of PAB and friends of the Kenya Club planted around 2000 seedlings in the Teutoburger Forest near Borgholzhausen. Next Saturday students of Gituru and the Friends of Kinangop will plant 2500 seedlings in the Aberdare Mountains near Gituru.

Together we stand!