What do you associate with partnership?

The students of Kenya Club at PAB school want to share their thoughts about „partnership“ with our partners in Gituru. They brought an object, they associate with partnership, and wrote down a sentence as an explanation.

Nasmije: “The ring is connecting me with a special friendship”

Justine: “I choose a pencil and a sharpener, because they are working together”

Yasmine: “My necklace reminds me of my old class”

Alicja: “I choose my teddybear, because he reminds me of my hometown and traveling”

Sara: “I made this plane in Kindergarden and it reminds me of the good times.”

Amelie: “ I associate this bag with partnership, because it reminds me of my best friends”

Leni: “I brought the flower of life, because the flowers are connected and we are connected to the Kenyan school”

Zinah: “This letter means that a partnership can only work through communication, just like our partnership with Gituru”

Finja: “This is Max, he is my best friend and he was everywhere with me”

Jan: “This shell is for me a symbol for exchange of knowledge and values and something that connects someone to distant places“

Alexandra: “This necklace I have since I’m born and it connects me with my family“

Luis: “This necklace is a present from a friend from my last location”

Javian: “This bracelet is a present from my godmother to my confirmation”

Marius: “This picture is a symbol for our school partnership. It stands for the digital exchange.”

Lia: “This necklace is from my aunt.”

What do you associate with partnership?